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About Us


The College of Chemistry (CoC) at Sichuan University (SCU) has a long history of more than 100 years and it is one of the longest-established Chemistry colleges in China. The chemistry class and applied chemistry class of the Science Department at the Sichuan School of Higher Education, which was the predecessor of the College of Chemistry, was established in 1907. With over 110 years of discovery and experience, the CoC has become an important base for cultivating scientific experts and undertaking scientific research in Western China.

The CoC has built a relatively complete system for growing scientific experts. The College was among the first group of university units approved by the Ministry of Education for postgraduate education. Accordingly, the College has been recruiting doctoral candidates since 1986. Our MSc and PhD programs cover various fields of specialization in Chemistry including Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymeric Chemistry & Physics, Green Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Radiochemistry. Among those fields of specialization, Organic Chemistry is rated as a National Key Discipline. Moreover, our Polymeric Chemistry & Physics program is one of the most important sub-disciplines of “Materials Science and Engineering” and it is rated as the First-Level National Key Discipline in China. In 1999, the College was authorized to award doctoral degrees for the first-level discipline of Chemistry and it was authorized to establish post-doctoral research stations one year later. In 2008, the College was designated as a National Base of Basic Science Research and Teaching Personal Training. In the following year, the College was selected to implement the Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Pilot Plan and the Chemistry program at CoC was selected as one of the featured disciplines in China. Moreover, the College was appointed as the National Key Unit of Radiochemistry by the Natural Science Foundation of China in 2011. In 2017, the Chemistry discipline was selected as one of the “Double First-Rate” disciplines in China and was rated A- in the country-wide Fourth Round of Discipline Evaluation. In 2019, our Chemistry Speciality was selected among the first batch of National First-rate Undergraduate Majors in China (Double Ten-thousand Plan).

Through years of exploration and experience, the CoC remains unshaken in cultivating scientific experts. The CoC benefits from excellent faculty and staff. Since the modern Chemistry Department was established in 1931, many eminent scholars, namely Ren Hongjuan, Zhang Hongyuan, Zhang Quan and Yan Guosen, had served as faculty. Today, we are making great efforts toward building a team of faculty with both virtue and intelligence. Overall, the CoC boasts 182 faculty members involved. It includes 129 full-time teaching and research staff (70 Full Professors and 47 Associate Professors). Furthermore, the CoC boasts several distinguished faculty members. It includes two inducted members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one inducted member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, three Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars, one Changjiang Chaired Professor, eight awardees of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (one of whom earned a type B fund), two professors for “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, two professors for “the Leading Scientific Expert for Scientific Innovation under the Ten-Thousand Talents Plan”, one National Teaching Master, up to 15 professors from the national programs for young scientists, namely the “Recruitment Program for Young Professionals,” “the Program for Outstanding Young Scholars”, “Young Scholar of Changjiang Scholars Program” and “the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars”. Furthermore, the College was awarded the “Innovative Research Group” designation from the National Natural Science Foundation on the subject of “New Reactions and Strategies for Highly Selective Organic Synthesis” and two Innovation Teams from the Ministry of Education in the research fields of Green Organic Synthetic Chemistry and Environmentally Friendly Polymer Materials. 

The College of Chemistry has made many great achievements in scientific research and base construction. Our College boasts several national and provincial key centers and laboratories, including the National Engineering Laboratory for Eco-Friendly Polymer Materials, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Eco-friendly and Fire-safety Polymeric Materials, the National Key Laboratory for Green Chemistry and Technology (Ministry of Education), the Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Polymer Materials (Ministry of Education), the Engineering Technology Center for Environmental Protection and Environmental Catalysis Materials (Sichuan Province), the Engineering Technology Center for Purification of Automobile Exhaust (Sichuan Province), the Joint International Research Centre for Eco-Friendly Polymer Materials (Sichuan Province), and others. The College also established three training and research bases, namely the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Model Base, the “111 Plan” of Talent Recruitment Base for Green Chemistry & Technology and the “111 Plan” of Innovation and Talent Recruitment Base for Eco-friendly & Fire-Safety Polymeric Materials. In the past decade, our College has made significant achievements in fundamental research, engineering technology and industrial transformation, and we have formed distinctive research fields including, but are not limited to, chiral molecular science, environmentally friendly polymeric materials, green organic synthesis, biomass conversion technology, chemistry for making functional organic materials, technology for eco-friendly catalysis, chemical biology, critical nuclide separation and nuclear waste disposal, and supramolecular chemistry. Of particular note, research findings in chiral molecular science and halogen-free flame retardant materials discovered by faculty in our College have made great international impacts. In recent years, members from the College have been awarded over 20 influential awards including a Physical Science Prize of the Future Science Prize, two second prizes of China’s State Natural Science Award, a second prize of the National Award for Technological Invention, two second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and two prizes of He-Liang-He-Li Science and Technology Progress Award. 

The College places cultivating scientific experts with moral integrity as a top priority. With the goal of nurturing more excellent experts and social elites with good humanistic literacy, a solid foundation of chemistry knowledge, constant innovation and a broad global view, we attach great importance to building up students’ basic knowledge of chemistry, respecting students’ personalized needs for development, raising students’ awareness of taking initiative, and being innovative. Since 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was established, our College has made fruitful achievements in cultivating scientific experts (14,084 alumni who have grown into leaders in all walks of life). Those distinguished alumni include outstanding scientists who were elected as members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, such as Professor Rongti Chen, Professor Lun Xiao, Professor Shiyang Gao, Professor Fen’er Chen, Professor Yuliang Zhao and Professor Daqiao Meng. Furthermore, there are 30 other outstanding alumini who are Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars or awardees of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Currently, our College has 992 undergraduate students, 440 graduate students and 224 PhD candidates.

The CoC benefits from the favorable conditions for teaching and research. The total usable area of laboratories reaches 10,500 square meters, which is comprised of four basic chemistry laboratories for Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry and a Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center consisting of a Comprehensive Chemistry Laboratory and an Innovation Laboratory. In addition, the College boasts two specialized laboratories for Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, as well as a Center for Instrumental Analysis. All laboratories are open to undergraduate students for carrying out research, which has become a distinctive feature of our undergraduate education. The CoC has purchased substantial instrumentation and devices worth over 200 million CNYs for teaching and research, which effectively guarantees that the students can receive systematic training in performing experiments while the faculty can carry out teaching & research smoothly.

Over 110 years of trials and hardships has endowed the CoC profound content and catalyzed our students to realize their ambitions. As members of the CoC today, we will make every endeavor to develop our College into a first-rate college which is respectable, remarkable, enlightening, and illuminating.

Last but not the least, our heartfelt thanks go out to all who devoted their time to and provide support for the development of the College of Chemistry!


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